Historical Notes

The Club was set up in 1952 as Clarkston Toastmasters Club with 12 members sponsored by Glasgow Toastmasters Club which was formed in 1936.

First Meeting Place was the Tudor Tea Room at Clarkston Toll

At the end of the Second World War there were only six Toastmasters Clubs in Britain, but a rapid expansion of clubs took place in the 1940’s and 1950’s - a great many in Scotland.

In 1954 the Clarkston Club meeting place was changed to the Mickel Hall in Clarkston.

During the late 1960’s some friction arose between the British Toastmasters Clubs and the headquarters of Toastmasters which was based in Santa Anna, California. There were a number of reasons - finance possibly the main cause. Capitation Fees had to be paid in American dollars and the prevailing exchange rate at that time placed a considerable burden on club finances.

After lengthy discussion, the consensus of opinion among the British clubs was that Britain could do as well on their own. In 1971 it was decided to set up a separate organisation.

On 1st January, 1972 all but a handful of the British Toastmasters Clubs broke away to form the Association of Speakers Clubs.

Clarkston Toastmasters Club was changed to Clarkston Speakers Club on 1st January, 1972.

The first National Conference of the Association of Speakers Clubs was held in Lytham-St-Annes in April, 1972.

In 1989 the meeting place of the Club was changed from Mickel Hall, Clarkston to Rhuallan House, Giffnock. At that time the membership was around 30.

The meeting place was again changed in 2003 when the venue was changed to Albertslund Community Centre, Newton Mearns. At that time membership was around 24.

Since 1988 five Clarkston members have been President of the Greater Glasgow Area (plus another one this year). Two Clarkston members have been President of the North Western District and two Clarkston members have been National President of the Association of Speakers Clubs.

- James Johnston (1978/79)
- Keith Fraser (2004/05)

Area Contests

Since 1990 Clarkston members have won the Greater Glasgow Area Speech Contest on eight occasions, the Evaluation Contest on five occasions
and the Topics Contest on four occasions most of these being in the last ten years (Speech 5; Evaluation 5; Topics 4)

The last two years have been particularly strong winning 5 out of 6 contests at Area level (Speech 1 Evaluation 2 Topics 2)

The Mermaid Trophy, which is presented to the winner of the Greater Glasgow Debating Contest has been held by Clarkston for the past three years.

District Contests

Since 1991 Clarkston members have won the North Western District Speech Contest on three occasions and the Topics Contest on two occasions

National representation

In recent years Club has been well represented at National and District level…

• National President
• National Treasurer
• National Web Master
• District President - on two occasions
• Area President - on five occasions - a member is 2005/06 Area President

The club has organised local Schools Speech Contest since 1987. We are grateful to our long standing sponsor of this event - Mactaggart and Mickel.

Cheese and Wine Night with Tall Story Competition has been held every year since around 1989

The Roy Tate Golf Competition for members has been held since 1995